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Rules of Engagement


And while we're on the topic of rings....(I'm quite liking this topic as you can see!)...I'm all for taking a mosy along the road less travelled when it comes to engagement rings.

The fundamentals of the story remain the same...you meet, you like, you close. But we'd all like to feel our story is a wee bit more special than that.

But the bling behemoths have drummed a very strong message into the psyche of millions of women and we're all prepped to believe we want one of these....the big 3 of bridal jewellery, the round, the emerald or the princess (see how they couldn't call it square could they?). Which is rather handy for said Bling Behemoths as the gold standard of bridal jewellery also usually carries a very hefty price tag.....and 'in these hard times' its good to know that you don't have to spend a month's salary (if you're European) or 3-6 months (if you're American) of his salary on your sparkler.

And gorgeous as they are in their magnificent simplicity and timeless elegance.... I quite like the fact that I KNOW a million other Tiffany fans don't have exactly the same ring as me. It is a little different for me as I'm a gemologist in training, but still, as we all become more aware of the variety of everything that is available with a little research, I'm sure more and more of you would like to stroll down the road less travelled with me.

I've hunted and gathered my favourite picks from the net (but as always, after my diamond training, no 2 diamonds are the same so I'd really recommend you work with a local jeweller who can give you exactly what you want).


I LOVE these. Not necessarily worn together but at the top we have the Temptation ring in blackened gold with a 0.96carat white rosecut diamond ($13,200). Rose cut is one of my favourite shapes with their vintage and soft focus look.

In the middle we have the 18k Yellow Gold Eternity band with pink sapphires. ($1,925)

At the bottom we have the 18k blackened gold ring with rosecut diamonds. ($6,535). How fabulous are these?


This is a very understated yet stylish set. The diamond band features rosecut diamonds and is $2140, plain 18k gold band is $1320.


Bit dark, bit subversive, very dramatic and kinda cool. The Goujon Triple from Alex & Chloe comes in at a very affordable $980 and has 3 white inverted diamonds set in a band of oxidised silver.



Or how about this? A Bario Neal rough diamond solitaire turns the notion of the classic solitaire on its head, flips it and reverses it. And the knife edge band adds an element of fierce femininity.


This quirky take on a solitaire by Moritz Glik is a delicately beautiful choice.


And I LOVE this choice for the woman that likes the finer more subtle things in life. These blue/green diamonds are divine! I'm not sure if they're treated or not, so please do your homework. But if they're not, coloured diamonds tend to run at least twice the price of colourless diamonds. Again, by Moritz Glik.


And speaking of coloured diamonds, I love the Invincible ring by Karen Karch. The round 1.5 carat round brilliant cut cognac diamond makes a stunning focal point to this contemporary choice of ring, with a distinctly old world appeal.


Going off the beaten path doesn't necessarily mean downsizing on the carat weight...as shown in magnificent splendour by this fantastic Dennis & Lavery ring.


Another understated option could be this wide diamond set band by popular jewellery designer, Alex Sepkus.


With a little forward thinking, you could create your totally unique stack of rings. And I love, love, love this Triology from Wright and Teague. 3 solitaires is a bit greedy, yes, but the beauty of them is at 0.33carats each, they add up to 1 carat AND you'll have an endless number of options to play around with. Wear them separately, two at a time or all three to tap into the trilogy (yesterday, today, tomorrow) ideal. I am LOVING this idea.

Posted By Tiger Tem Jun 18, 2010 at 6:15PM
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